Bucintoro, a historical name

Bucintoro On the day of the Sensa (Ascension), the symbolic marriage with the sea, the outward sign of Venice's recognized authority and domination over the Adriatic, was commemorated and celebrated.

This feast received its final ritualistic form, at the time of Doge Sebastiano Ziani, who, as a reward for his service to the Church, received the symbolic ring in gift from the Pope with which, every year he was to repeat the solemn rite.

The Doge, having gone on board the Bucintoro - the sumptuous boat of State rowed by the Arsenalotti - along with the Signoria, the Clergy, and the foreign ambassadors, sailed from the Porto del Lido, followed by a procession of boats and gondolas of every description all decked out for the feast.

Having arrived at the mouth, and the Patriarch having blessed the sea with holy water, the Doge threw the ring into the sea from a little door in the pop and pronounced the well-known words: In sign of eternal dominion, we, the Doge of Venice, marry you, oh sea!